Located in the heart of North Carolina's state capital of Raleigh, MarkBibbsLaw, PLLC handles only legal matters in the areas of Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Death, Business Litigation and Police Misconduct and Police Abuse

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At MarkBibbsLaw, I advocate for clients in Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Death and Business Litigation and Police Misconduct and Police Abuse cases. Based in Raleigh, I am familiar with the courts throughout all of North Carolina. I draw on my skills and experience to help you resolve your legal problem, and no matter what your case involves, I am focused on a successful result. Please read my profile to learn more about my professional background.

Knowledgeable in multiple areas of the law

MarkBibbsLaw has a thorough understanding of North Carolina law. I work hard to help you get the best possible results in the following practice areas:

  • Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment can be an emotionally scarring experience. If you are the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, I can help you. I am knowledgeable about North Carolina and fight for your rights against your employer.
  • Wrongful Death: The unexpected loss of a loved one is devastating, especially when their death was caused by another's reckless behavior. I believe that the negligent parties need to be held responsible for their careless actions. I am an experienced wrongful death attorney who is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the maximum compensation for your loss.
  • Business Litigation: As a business owner, it is likely that you will encounter a dispute with a client or a contractor. I use alternative dispute resolution and litigation to help businesses resolve disputes. With the help of an assertive business litigation attorney, you can secure the future of your company.
  • Police Misconduct and Police Abuse: A legal dispute can greatly affect both your business and personal life. Our police misconduct attorneys use litigation, arbitration and mediation to help businesses, families and individuals resolve their disputes.

When you retain the services of MarkBibbsLaw, you can be assured that your attorney is fully qualified to take on your case.

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